Better days start with better nights.

Empower your patients with sleep quality insights.

Why SleepStudy

As a medical professional, you want to give your patients the best care youíre capable of. When it comes to sleep disorders, that means getting complete, continuous physiologic data from one or more nights of sleep so you can make the right diagnosis. But you also want to make sure you can offer the benefits of treatment to all your patients, not just those with extra time and money to spend on a sleep study.

Our systems open up the benefits of polysomnography to the widest possible number of patients. Our state-of-the-art portable devices can be used in a clinic or at the patientís own home, and the intuitive, comfortable interface ensures correct usage. Itís covered by most insurance plans. Access and interpret the data on our free app. SleepStudy records a wide array of physiologic signs, and its accuracy has been tested in clinical trials.

Our premium features offers high clinical benefit and improved access to patients:

  • Easy to use: Ergonomic design lets patients patients administer the test themselves.
  • Convenient: Realtime Remote Lab PSG SleepStudy in home environment.
  • Reimbursement-friendly: Home sleep testing is covered by most insurance providers.
  • Ultra-compact: Smallest, lightest, home sleep testing monitor meeting AASM recommended channel set.
  • Foolproof: Sensor Check lights to indicate proper sensor connection during home sleep testing.
  • Quality-controlled: Smart Check validates quality of recorded sleep study.
  • Versatile: Can perform multi-night studies.
  • Clinically validated: Based on studies conducted in sleep labs and primary care offices.

Our Technology

  • Scoring + Reporting Software: View and score raw data using full PSG capable software.
  • Customizable reporting: Easy patient record management.
  • Web Portal Option: SleepStudy's HIPAA compliant Web Portal option allows seamless, secure access to patient's home sleep test data, scoring and interpretation.
  • AASM & CMS Compliant: Generates established AHI. Airflow by cannula and thermistor.

Better days start with better nights.