Better days start with better nights.

Empower your patients with sleep quality insights.

Personal Sleep Tracker and App

Accurate & Reliable In-Home Personal Sleep Tracker

SleepStudy’s innovative actigraphy monitoring system delivers 24-hour, real world information about sleep/wake behavior, circadian rhythms, and daytime physical activity. With its ability to capture high-quality continuous sleep/wake data for days and even weeks at a time, the SleepStudy system is a cost-effective and noninvasive in-home monitoring solution offering a level of accuracy and reliability that cannot be achieved through subjective patient reports.

SleepStudy actigraphy monitors are among the most widely used and extensively validated devices of their kind. Our clients benefit from a wide range of innovative features, including Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology and real-time data access, that optimize the capabilities of the research or clinical team while improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the data collection initiative.

The SleepStudy app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from the app store free of charge. Open the app to view near-real time data on sleep stage, sleep score and physiological data like heart rate. The intuitive display makes it easy to see how well you slept the previous night, and how that compares to previous nights. That means you won’t just find out whether you suffer from a sleep disorder—you can also track the effects of treatments and lifestyle changes, making it possible to identify what works and doesn’t.

Better days start with better nights.